What is Ideopedia?

Ideopedia is an invitation-only platform that identifies, shares, and facilitates cutting-edge ideas with the top 5000 influencers in India. 

Ideopedia was founded on the belief that sharing the right idea, at the right time, with the right people, through the right platform creates immense growth, innovation & creativity. 

Ideopedia is a non-profit founded in 2005. 


To Inspire, Enable, and Facilitate

the creation and nurturing of Ideas

that can catalyse India’s path

to unprecedented innovation and growth.

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An India where the power of ideas and their successful implementation ensures prosperity, equity, and well-being for all its citizens.

what we do

We research and identify powerful ideas, global trends, inventions and discoveries that are relevant to India. 

We carefully distil the most pertinent ideas, and information, and share and facilitate the same with our readers to leverage its impact on India’s present and its future. 

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We believe in and facilitate the transformational power of ideas.

At Ideopedia,


The Leading Influencers In India

One Idea At A Time,

To Catalyse India’s Path To

Unprecedented Innovation & Growth. 

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The time has come for India to realize its true potential, and reach unprecedented heights of economic, social, and human potential to become a more prosperous, united, equitable, happy, and healthy nation.

Our Goal

Our goal is to contribute to the knowledge of our nations’ leading influencers as they lead, propel, and catalyse our country’s transformation. 

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As the world’s largest democracy with millions of Indians at the cusp of one of the biggest economic and social transformations globally, India is poised to make history and take the next leap by leveraging its abundant resources…