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“The Industries of the Future”


“A fascinating vision of what’s next for the world” -Forbes

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Reviews of  “The Industries of the Future” 

  • eric schmidt

    “In a world growing more chaotic, Alec Ross is one of those very rare people who can see patterns in the chaos and guidance for the road forward.

    He has an unusual diversity of expertise that allows him to apply multiple lenses to the world’s challenges and dream up the kind of innovative solutions that are changing the world.”

    Eric Schmidt
    CEO, Google
  • reid

    “The next 20 years are going to be even faster-moving and more transformative than the 20 we just lived through. 

    Thinking systematically and strategically, as Alec Ross does here, about robotics, genomics, and the codification of everything is absolutely critical. Anyone who wants to understand the key forces that are shaping our economic, political, and social futures will benefit hugely from Ross’s insights.”

    Reid Hoffman
    Founder, LinkedIn
  • walter isaacson

    “How can we prepare our children—and ourselves—to succeed in a world of robotics, globalization, and digitally driven markets?

    In this valuable book, Alec Ross analyzes what it will take to survive and even thrive. The future is already hitting us, and Ross shows how it can be exciting rather than frightening.”

    Walter Isaacson
    Author, Steve Jobs and The Innovators